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I’m so glad you’ve taken the first step towards finding healing and support.

As a licensed clinical social worker, certified trauma therapist, EMDR therapist, psychotherapist, and a Texas State Board approved Supervisor, I’ve spent over 15 years helping individuals, families, and couples navigate their emotions and heal from past traumas. I offer a range of evidence-based therapies, including EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, and crisis intervention, to help my clients find healing and build resilience.

For me, therapy isn’t just a job – it’s a passion. I’m deeply committed to helping my clients find the support and tools they need to navigate life’s challenges, whether that means healing from past traumas, coping with anxiety and depression, or building better relationships with loved ones. I’m especially passionate about helping teenagers and families find their communication style, resolve conflicts, and build stronger, more supportive relationships.

So if you’re ready to take the next step towards finding healing and support, I encourage you to explore my site and learn more about the services I offer. And if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to helping you find the support and healing you need.

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A Warm, Compassionate, and Personalized Approach to Therapy

A Safe Haven for Your Journey of Healing

When you work with me, you can expect a warm, compassionate, and personalized approach to therapy. I believe that every client deserves a safe and supportive space to navigate their emotions, and I work hard to create that space for you. Whether you’re struggling with past traumas, dealing with high-risk behaviors, or just looking for a safe space to explore your emotions, I’m here to help.

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Their Journey to Healing

[Common] FAQ's

What are some common issues that your clients come to you for help with?

Clients typically come to me for help with relationship strains, self-esteem, processing trauma (both recent and childhood), patterns of behaviors, parenting stress, and loneliness.

How long will Therapy take?

That answer will be different for everyone and subjective to many factors such as trauma, goals, and the work you decide to put in. Lara schedules weekly, every other week, and eventually graduating her clients to monthly check-ins and then as needed appointments.

What therapeutic approaches do you use in your practice to help clients?

As a therapist, I deliver hard truths with empathy, patience, and understanding. I use a variety of evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Inner Childhood Work, Solution Focused Therapy, Psychotherapy, trauma work, and EMDR.

Do I need to have a mental health diagnosis to benefit from therapy?

No, you do not need a mental health diagnosis to benefit from therapy. Therapy is a supportive space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a safe and confidential environment. Whether you're facing a specific challenge, struggling with a life transition, or simply looking to gain insight into your life and relationships, therapy can be a valuable tool for personal growth and healing.

More Info

Therapy can be a safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and to gain insight into your life and relationships. Whether you're struggling with a specific issue or simply looking for support and guidance, therapy can help you navigate life's challenges and work towards a happier, healthier you. Follow the link below for more questions and anwsers!


Lara Yates